Jennifer Marinelli Photography

The photographer at hand


Jennifer has had a love and interest in photography since she was a child. Her upbringing in Santa Cruz, California gave her a strong foundation for the love of Arts. She now resides in Northern, California in the small town of Red Bluff. Along with a love for capturing moments with a camera, she shares her true passion with her horses.  Jennifer inspired the youth of our nation, preserved the western way of life, and contiunues to promote the sport as a competitor and photographer. She served the Red Bluff Junior Rodeo as their senior queen in 2005 and reined as Miss Driscoll Ranch Rodeo in 2008. As a former Miss CCPRA in 2010, she represented the California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association as their state queen at the Miss Rodeo USA Pageant 2011! She has been shooting weddings since 2007, her artistic pieces have sold at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Art Show and she was named the Official Photographer at the Internationally reconized Miss Rodeo USA Pageant for 2013.                



Jennifer has been sponsored by:

Alsco Inc of Red Bluff, California


 The California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association

Driscoll Ranch Rodeo

K & M Quarter Horses